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Fright Nights was established in 1999 and was the company in the world to offer overnight ghost hunt experiences to the general public! After fifteen years, Fright Nights still retains its reputation for Britain’s most haunted and unusual locations as well as providing an excellent night of ghost hunting!  Hundreds of ghost hunters join Fright Nights every month for the most thrilling ghost hunts available.  Often copied, but never equalled,  Fright Nights are the undisputed number one Ghost Hunting Company.

Fright Nights have taken over 400,000 people on ghost hunts at over three hundred haunted locations, if you have never ghost hunted before then have a go, it is an experience to remember! See below for ghost hunting highlights coming up or check out our ghost hunt section here

Ghost Hunting Highlights coming up – Last Few Tickets Available:


Strelley Hall Ghost Hunt – £45 – 22nd May

Nestled in the quiet village of Strelley on the outskirts of Nottingham, is the seriously haunted Strelley Hall. With a history dating back to the 1200s, this is a unique location with reported hauntings since the 1700s. From the man in black to terrifying poltergeist activity – what will you experience during our first ghost hunt here?

Galleries of Justice Ghost Vigils – £25 – 30th May

From 9:00pm until 1.00am join us for a Galleries of Justice ghost hunt where you get straight into the vigils, no tour, no workshops but straight into the dark haunted areas with our paranormal investigation teams and mediums.

Hauntings and Hangings Ghost Hunt – £50 – 6th June

The North Worcestershire Town of Kidderminster is no stranger to murder and tragedy. Now stood on land that was once an inn, infamous for their ladies of the night and drunken rogues, the original Victorian Kidderminster Town Hall is said to be diverse in its ghostly activity.

Edinburgh Vaults Ghost Hunt – £55 – 20th June

From intense poltergeist activity to visitors mysteriously collapsing, Niddry Street Vaults has been a place of continual paranormal activity for many years. The evidence continues to be witnessed – do you think you will last the night?

Ghosts of Ordsall Hall – £45 – 27th June

The Ghosts and Spirits of Ordsall Hall Ghost Hunt await you, from the white lady witnessed on the webcams to the screaming girl heard in the upper rooms – which one will you witness? Join our paranormal investigators and mediums for a night to remember.

The Commandery Ghost Hunt – £59 – 4th July

Fright Nights Worcestershire are pleased to announce a return to one of Fright Nights’ favourite and most active locations, the notorious 1000 year old Commandery in Worcestershire. With its ghostly monks and Civil War ghosts, this is one ghost hunt to remember. The Commandery Ghost Hunt includes:- Mediumship walkround – who haunts…

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