Saltmarshe Hall

Saltmarshe Hall

The Saltmarshe estate has belonged to the Saltmarshe family since the Norman Conquest. Saltmarshe Hall was built in 1825-8 by Prichett and Watson (James Pigott Pritchett and Charles Watson) for Philip Saltmarshe at a cost of £4000. Stables were added in 1842.

It descended to Colonel Phillip Saltmarshe (1853-1941), who joined the Royal Horse Artillery and fought in the Afghan and Boer Wars.

The last member of the family was a Captain Philip Saltmarshe who died in the early 1970s without an heir and Saltmarshe Hall was sold to Philip and Sally Bean. In 2009 it was offered for sale and purchased by the Whyte family.

For many years the hall has had the local reputation of being haunted. A drifting white lady seen walking through the gardens only to disappear near the pond has often been reported. The modern day staff claim that they have heard voices from the cellars and distinct shadowy figures – what will we encounter during our visit?

The night is packed with activities, you will be taking part in an investigation using ghost hunting equipment and sitting in ghost hunting vigils. Accompanying you will be a paranormal investigator and a medium with the knowledge and experience to place you in situations that could spark off ghostly activity!

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