Bradwell Farm

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Bradwell is an ancient village that (since 1967) has been part of Milton Keynes and many old buildings provide evidence of its pre-Milton Keynes status. For a time, although it predates it, Bradwell was the supporting village for Bradwell Abbey, a Benedictine priory, founded in 1155 and dissolved in about 1540.

The village name is an Old English language word and means broad spring. In the Domesday Book of 1086 the village was recorded as Bradewelle. Indeed our location for the night over looks Bradwell Castle mound: a Norman motte and bailey castle!

The 17th century farmhouse that dates from the time of when Bradwell manor was held by the Fuller and Owen families, later it would pass into the ownership of Sir William Gunter Nicholl, a Knight of Bath.

There have been many ghosts and strange occurrences reported at the farmhouse that include the ‘grey maid’, dressed in an old fashioned uniform she has been known to appear in one of the bedrooms. Guests to the farmhouse have reported objects being moved and clothing being packed away in the night.

Another ghost is alleged to be that of a local man William Tebbut who lived in the late 1700s, visitors have witnessed a shadowy man dressed in black pass through one of the ground floor walls. It has been suggested that a doorway once existed there.

In another bedroom people have reported that the room is haunted by an entity that wakes people up with an electric shock feeling. Mainly reported by young woman, if laying on the beds often the feeling of high amounts of static and then a shock are said to occur.

We are offering you the chance to explore this classic haunted house. Will you meet the spirit of the grey maid, or help us to unravel the mystery of the shadowy figure? Join Fright Nights for a ghost hunting experience to remember.

Fright Nights also offer psychic retreats at Bradwell with it’s idyllic and calming location it’s ideal for teaching you how to communicate with spirit and develop psychic abilities.

Our weekends are very individual and personal, looking at how to connect with spirits or souls that have been displaced or lost their way. Your tutor will share personal experiences and perspectives, passing onto you years of experience and knowledge.

The workshops included in our weekends cover basic psychic development, energy sensitivity, psychometry, meditation, opening, shielding, protection and closing down. If you want to know methods and ways how to sense ghosts and spirits while developing your psychic abilities, Fright Nights weekend breaks are ideal for you.


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Upcoming events:

June 30, 2017 - Fear in the Farmhouse – £45

July 1, 2017 - Milton Keynes Ghost Hunt – £45

Address: Vicarage Road, Bradwell Village, Milton Keynes, Bucks, MK13 9AG

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