1. DO YOU ISSUE TICKETS? Yes tickets are emailed once full payment has been received, however you do not have to print out the tickets, just give the name of the person who booked the event to the host on the night.

2. IS THERE AN AGE LIMIT? The age limit is 18yrs and over unless stated otherwise.

3. ARE THERE BEDS ON YOUR GHOST HUNTS? There are no sleeping facilities unless stated. Our events involve being awake all night, unless stated.

4. AM I GUARANTEED TO SEE A GHOST? Unfortunately the paranormal is something that you cannot just demand. However using our techniques, expertise and many years experience, we will be placing you in situations that encourage paranormal experiences. Many people have left our events being firm believers in the paranormal after having very intense experiences.

5. IS YOUR ONLINE BOOKING SYSTEM SECURE? It is very secure and provided by RBS WorldPay – the world’s number one solution for e-commerce. During busy periods we may not be able to take your call but our 24 hour online booking service is fully operational and secure.

6. HOW DO I REDEEM A GIFT VOUCHER? Choose an event from our Ghost Hunt section you would like to attend.  There are booking details for you to follow depending on which location you choose.  PLEASE BOOK BEFORE YOUR VOUCHER EXPIRY DATE.


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