Oxford Castle Unlocked

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In 2007 Fright Nights brought to the world the first ever Oxford Castle ghost hunt, since then we have taken thousands of ghost hunters to its haunted crypts and cells. With a huge amount of frightening ghost encounters and a chilling history - are you the next to venture...

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Caphouse Colliery

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Join Fright Nights West Yorkshire for an extreme 100% vigil ghost hunt to push your boundaries of fear at one of West Yorkshire’s most haunted locations. We are pleased to offer you the striking opportunity to investigate the Caphouse Colliery in Wakefield. Do you have...

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Burwell House

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Nestled in the quiet village of Burwell, Cambridgeshire is the impressive Burwell House, built as a family residence in 1787 by Salisbury Dunn, a local land owner. This fabulous old house has had a rich and varied past and holds many secrets. It has never before been...

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Strelley Hall

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Nestled in the quiet village of Strelley on the outskirts of Nottingham, is the seriously haunted Strelley Hall. With a history dating back to the 1200s, this is a unique location with reported hauntings since the 1700s. From the man in black to terrifying poltergeist...

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Liverpool Orphanage and Asylum

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This is the ultimate ghost hunting experience with Fright Nights as we investigate the abandoned Newsham Park Hospital and Orphanage in Liverpool. With a history dating to the mid-1800s, this Grade II listing building is Liverpool’s most haunted location! 100% Ghost...

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Abington Park Museum

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Standing in the middle of Northampton’s oldest park, Abington Park Museum is a Tudor manor house dating back to 1485. The building has seen several different uses over the years, including a domestic residence, asylum and museum. A ghost hunt at Northampton’s former...

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Ragged School

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Is this London’s most haunted location? The Ragged School Museum, a Grade II listed building once occupied by Dr Barnardo and is now a premier educational charity and museum. Over the last seventeen years there have been reports from visitors and staff alike, ranging...

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Keighley Police Museum

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In the heart of Keighley town centre lies Keighley Police and Forensic museum, which was a fully operational police station and magistrates court dating back to 1831. For almost 200 years this site has held some of West Yorkshire's merciless criminals and the walls have...

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Fort Southwick UGHQ

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For many years there have been ghostly sightings at UGHQ, during the 1960s staff would share their experiences at night hoping to find some explanation. Today, often used for paintballing and offices, the location and its ghosts continue to perplex and scare its...

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Kidderminster Town Hall

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The North Worcestershire Town of Kidderminster is no stranger to murder and tragedy. Now stood on land that was once an inn, infamous for their ladies of the night and drunken rogues, the original Victorian Kidderminster Town Hall is said to be diverse in its ghostly...

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The Commandery

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Locally The Commandery is renowned for being haunted with visitors and staff reporting paranormal experiences. There are many reports of paranormal activity and with such a rich history it is not surprising. For more information click:- The Commandery Ghost...

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Armley Mills

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Locally the mills are renowned for being haunted with visitors and staff reporting paranormal experiences. There are many reports of shadowy figures and the sounds of children laughing and people coughing, you may even hear a whisper from ‘Harold’ said to be the main...

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Thackray Museum

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Voted consistently by our ghost hunters as one of the most active locations we visit, this is a welcome return to the Thackray Museum, Leeds, a former workhouse and asylum. For more information click:- Thackray Museum Ghost...

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Avoncroft Museum

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Avoncroft Museum is a fascinating location covering nearly 19 acres. This is going to be a location that is rich in history due to its many different historical buildings. You will take part in a ghost hunt at Avoncroft and get to be involved the most active and potentially...

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Worcester Guildhall

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Worcester Guildhall boasts spectacular architecture, period decoration and history. Ghostly apparitions have been seen by many wandering the floor of the Assembly room, along with the strong smell of perfume that hangs in the air of a long deceased lady. What will you...

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Forge Mill

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On the site of a medieval Cistercian Abbey, which was destroyed in 1538 by Henry VIII during the dissolution, lays the Forge Mill Needle Museum. A very atmospheric location waiting to be investigated. Join Fright Nights Worcestershire for a ghost hunt today! For more...

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The Almonry

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The Almonry appears in local ghost books and is known locally as being very haunted. This is your chance to take part in an overnight investigation at this incredibly haunted museum. For more information click:- Almonry Ghost...

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Dalton Mills

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Just outside of Keighley Town Centre lies the amazing Dalton Mills, steeped in history and being a key part of the town for centuries. Join Fright Nights West Yorkshire for a special and exclusive ghost hunt at one of West Yorkshire's most haunted locations. Ghostly...

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Ordsall Hall

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With over 15 hauntings and lots of recent sightings and history dating back 820 years, Ordsall Hall offers a great deal of potential of paranormal happenings! It is now your chance to take part in an overnight investigation! Join Fright Nights for a ghost hunting...

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Rifles Museum

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Whispers in the dark and loud footsteps descending the stairs, a black shadowy figure observing from the corner of the room. Who or what is causing this paranormal activity? With a history dating back to 1200?s the Rifles Museum, Wardrobe in Salisbury rarely...

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Belgrave Hall

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Belgrave Hall has always had a reputation for being haunted but in 1998 it hit international media headlines when the alleged ghost of a white lady was captured on its CCTV. Since then it has been a popular venue for international ghost hunters and now its your turn to...

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Mill Street Barracks

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Mill Street Barracks is steeped in history, accommodating many branches of the armed forces through many wars and battles. In 1890, the building is listed as the Headquarters of the 2nd Volunteer South Lancashire Regiment, and during both World Wars, was used not only as...

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Warwick Crown Courts

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For nearly five hundred years the Warwick Crown Courts has seen criminals pass through its doors to a life of incarceration or straight to the gallows. The original prisoner’s cells remain as well as a dungeon dating to the Middle Ages, and we have limited dates at this...

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Priory House

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Priory House, Dunstable is an incredibly historic and haunted building, with a history dating to the 1500s. Fright Nights have organised a series of special ghost hunts at this atmospheric location, dare to join us? For more information click:- Priory House Ghost...

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Beverley Friary

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Ghostly monks, phantom footsteps and a figure in white are said to haunt Beverley Friary. For many years it has had the reputation of being haunted, join Fright Nights for a special ghost hunt at one of East Riding’s most haunted locations. For more information click:-...

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Gilmerton Cove

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Eight years ago Fright Nights organised the first ever paranormal investigation of the secret underground Gilmerton Cove in Edinburgh and finally we have been able to obtain access again! For more information click: Gilmerton Cove Ghost...

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Edinburgh Vaults

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From intense poltergeist activity to visitors mysteriously collapsing, Niddry Street Vaults has been a place of continual paranormal activity for many years. The evidence continues to be witnessed – do you think you will last the night? For more information click:-...

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Coalhouse Fort

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A real ghost hunt at Coalhouse Fort in Essex – as seen on Most Haunted. Since 2002 we have been ghost hunting at one of Essex’s most haunted locations, a Tudor fortification on the Thames. For more information click:- Coalhouse Fort Ghost...

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Dudley Castle

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Join us for a ghost hunt at Dudley Castle.  Standing over the town on a great limestone hill, one of the highest points in the West Midlands. Many people have visited the castle through the years and many believe they still linger to this day. For more information...

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Inveraray Jail

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Inveraray is one of the most scenic villages in Scotland, sitting on the banks of Loch Fyne with views of the hills and mountains surrounding it. But it is also haunted, and Inveraray Jail is known as Scotland’s most haunted jail so why not join us? For more...

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Avenue House

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We return to one of our favourite locations, Avenue House famed for its paranormal activity and links with the shadowy Knights Templar. Its rooms hides a terrible secret and what about the dark, labyrinth-like cellars? For more information click:- Avenue House Ghost...

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Redoubt Fortress

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Take part in a ghost hunt at Eastbourne’s Redoubt Fortress – an intimate and fearful location that will test your resolve as you ghost hunt in pitch black conditions.  Join us today for an experience to remember. For more information click:- Fear in the...

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Leominster Workhouse

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Leominster (pronounced Lemster) dates back to the seventh century and has a turbulent past being the site of many historic battles of Celt, Roman, Saxon, Dane, Welsh, Norman, Plantagenet, Tudor, Roundhead and Royalist all have left their mark. It was around 660 that a...

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Jordans Psychic Retreat

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Our psychic weekends are located at the idyllic YHA Jordans which offers a warm welcome in a historic village only 5 miles from the London Underground. A unique property with an impressive heritage, Jordans has been closely associated with the early Quaker movement and...

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Clitheroe Castle

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A ghost hunt overlooking Pendle Hill, home of the Pendle witches. Our location is Clitheroe Castle, steeped in history, linked to the witches and a range of paranormal activity. Will you help us to ghost hunt at these ancient buildings? For more information click:-...

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Bodmin Jail Ghost Hunt

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One of the Britain's most haunted and brutal jails in England - Bodmin Jail. Take part in a real ghost hunt at this amazing location known for its intense haunting! For more information click:- Bodmin Jail Ghost...

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Ruthin Gaol Ghost Hunt

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We have secured the chance for you to ghost hunt the foreboding atmosphere of this centuries old gaol. With reports of terrifying paranormal activity and a range of ghosts and spirits, dare you be one of the first Fright Nights guests to visit Ruthin Gaol? For more...

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Hylands House

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Hylands House near Chelmsford is a fantastically haunted mansion house which dates from 1730. Once used a war hospital in World War I, and the headquarters of the SAS – this certainly has a unique history and hauntings! For more information click:- Hylands House Ghost...

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Old Oak House

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Take part in a ghost hunt at Oak House, dating back from the 16th century, it could be the most haunted building in the West Midlands. With a range of phenomena and noted poltergeist activity, Oak House is one of the most haunted locations Fright Nights visit! *Noted...

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Fear at the Farmhouse

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On the outskirts of Milton Keynes, sits a haunted 17th century farmhouse overlooking a Norman castle earthworks. The farmhouse is said to harbour a secret and a few of its previous inhabitants. It’s a very intimate and haunted location ideal for ghost hunting. For more...

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Margam Castle

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Ghost hunting at one of the most scariest and haunted locations in the country. Both Most Haunted and Ghost Hunters International have filmed at this castle, now its your turn to ghost hunt at night! Most Haunted's scariest venue. For more information click:- Margam...

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Explosion Museum

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We return once again to the notorious Explosion Museum in Portsmouth. This incredible location that once housed thousands of tons of explosives is now a popular museum with over a dozen well known hauntings! Very strange location! For more information click:- Explosion...

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Galleries of Justice

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The Galleries of Justice in Nottingham is one of Britain's most haunted and unusual locations. You will have access to its original courtrooms, cell blocks, laundry and even a cave system, thirty feet under the building for a full night of ghost hunting - As seen on Most...

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Haunted House of Kettering

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Fright Nights will take you into the unknown with this incredible historic and haunted venue situated in Kettering, Northamptonshire. A 100% vigil event where you get straight into the heart of the ghost hunt! For more information click:-  Haunted House of...

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York Guildhall

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Fright Nights returns to one of York’s most historic and haunted locations – York Guildhall. With its tales of ghostly black monks, dis-incarnate voices and shadowy figures, we expect this to be a very scary ghost hunt. Includes ghost hunt on the underground...

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Haunted House of York

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Since 2005 Fright Nights have brought this incredible house to fame as one of York's most haunted locations. It has appeared on ITV's Ghost Hunting with the Dingles and Derek Acorah's Ghost Towns - and is just a few doors away from Guy Fawkes' birth place. For more...

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Marwell Hall

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Ghost hunt at Marwell Hall, near Basingstoke, famed for its links with Henry VIII and Edward VI it has a haunted history dating back over two hundred years. What will we encounter during our ghost hunt? *Highly recommended! For more information click:- Marwell Hall...

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Terror at Telscombe

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A timeless village of secrets, the spirits of it's most haunted building await you. With over two thousand years of history with links to the Romans and Henry VIII, Telscombe is the ultimate Sussex ghost hunt. For more information click:- Terror at...

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Fort Horsted

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Join Fright Nights for an overnight ghost hunt at one of Kent's most haunted locations.  An incredible labyrinth of tunnels and buildings said to be haunted by very active spirits awaits you!  As seen on TV show "Ghost Adventures"! For more information click:- Fort...

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Alton Towers

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Follow in the footsteps of Most Haunted and ghost hunt at Alton Towers' Gothic Mansion. This is going to be an incredible and daring investigation, using psychic and ghost hunting equipment you’ll be placed in the centre of the action as you take part in overnight ghost...

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St Briavels Castle

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Ghost hunting at one of Britain's most haunted castles - St Briavels Castle, Gloucestershire. This truly is one of our most frightening locations with recorded poltergeist activity, apparitions and even psychic attacks! Join us for a ghost hunt to remember! For more...

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