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Fright Nights is the Original Ghost Hunting Company established in 1999, undisputed leading ghost hunting company in the UK. Here are some Fright Nights Events Group Photos, Reviews and Testimonials from our satisfied customers about Fright Nights Ghost Hunts.

Finchingfield Guildhall – 31st October 2018

Our first visit to this fascinating building did not disappoint.  Although only a short event, it was an active the mid-week taster, on the most haunted day of the year.  Our guests were suitably impressed.

Kirsty Wheeler Thank you so so much for such an amazing experience. Was my first time & wanted to be convinced of paranormal activity and I certainly wasn’t let down. I wasn’t scared at all, it was fascinating and strangely comforting making contact with spirits. I absolutely cannot wait for my next experience. Thank you again xx

Oxford Castle – 18th August 2018

During our Mediums walk round, in the Saxon Tower, Angela picked up on the name “Plunkett”, she also had a strange chemical smell and the sense that someone had been tortured. In the Crypt she picked up on a Priest and a small 8 year old child possibly going by the name Abigail along with a cloaked lady.
Both Groups had some great results with the Dowsing rods and Crystals, and some good Glass Divination for one of the Groups.
Using the Equipment, a few relevant words came over on the Ovilius and the Spirit box, and various trigger objects also went off on command.  Most active was the REM Pod during the equipment demo, but the most impressive result for us was when the MEL meter peaked at 83.5mg from 0 and the Temperature went from 82.1F down to 62.3F whilst down in the crypt, all around the time everyone heard a loud audible growl and one guest was touched on his back and another was physically pushed back, after which K2s and Cat Balls kept going off, especially when Nursery rhymes were being sung, and feelings of being adrift in a boat…… It was just another paranormal night of activity for our group of intrepid Ghost Hunters.  Our thanks to you all. Why not join us for our Halloween sleepover event?

Mystery Location – (Somewhere outside East London) – 10th August 2018

This was a one-off private event to scout a new location.  The evening was so successful we are offering it as an exclusive event to our VIP Members and then by application only if not all places are sold.  If you would like to explore this incredible building and make contact with some of the Spirits we met, email your details to and as soon as tickets are available for general sale you will be notified.  Payment will then be required in full to secure your place. This is a very select event with only 10 spaces available.  Event Date: 13th April 2019.

Peterborough Museum – 20th July 2018

“Had an awesome night, loads of activity picked up lots on the devices and had some good responses. Alot we can’t explain still and was left very shocked. Very well organized. Will be coming again. Peterborough museum.”  Matt Tinker

Charlton House – 21st April 2018

“It was absolutely amazing, thank you x” Joanne Day

Totally brilliant and absolutely enjoyed every second xx” Cara Jordon

“It was fascinating! I would have loved to have spent more time in the basement with the cat toy, I think he would have been really receptive and responsive as he seemed a sweet soul” Joy Walsh

Landguard Fort – 21st April 2018

“Absolutely brilliant investigation 👻 Great team and great group of guests. We should all get everyone there again sometime 👻👻👻”  Stephen Hack

Gressenhall Workhouse – 20th April 2018

A very good evening had by my friends and I, you guys were all great hosts and would be booking with you again at a new venue.” Sophie Seaman

“What a great bunch of guests, really hope our paths cross again. Hospitality of the staff at Gressenhall was second to none, thank you . Looking forward to a return visit .” Kevin Cornwell (Medium)

Older Feedback

“On my first ghost hunt I was a little sceptical but I went with an open mind. On the walk round I didn’t really want to experience the presence of something however the more we walked round the more I started to think I would like to experience something. Later when we walked round ourselves we found a group in what was apparently the most haunted room in the whole place. We sat with a K2 and all of a sudden it went really dark and we heard something come in the room. Then out of nowhere I was shoved almost off my seat and my boyfriend was grabbed around his ankles – needless to say we had a fantastic time and believe that there is something there. Fright Nights Ghost Hunt. xx” Laura Mather

“Thank you for another great night at Priory House, Dunstable. Lots of activity and plenty of laughs! It was especially amazing for me to have made a lot of contact with the little girl who was caught on the EVP. Really enjoyed using the pendalum!” Rachel Dempsey

“We just wanted to say thank you so much for a fantastic night at Dudley Castle, my partner and I both thoroughly enjoyed it. Libby and Ian were the perfect hosts.” Anne and Gary – Dudley Castle

“I have been to THREE Fright Nights Ghost Hunt events over the last few months and I can honestly say that the experience just gets better and better. The mediums and investigators are informative and friendly and have a good sense of humour. I can honestly say that I am now well and truly hooked and have signed up for my next adventure. Even if you do not believe, it is a good night at interesting historic sites. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is prepared to go with an open mind and be respectful of the situation.” Sue – Fright Nights

“Had a fantastic night at the Falstaff Ghost Hunt, so a huge thank you. What an experience! Feeling tired and achy but I cant wait to go again to another location. Incredible night!”  R Dempsey – Falstaff Ghost Hunt

“Once again the fright nights team put on a great night at the Galleries of Justice Ghost Hunt in Nottingham. I cannot recommend a Fright Nights Ghost Hunt enough!! More & more of my friends & work colleagues are getting involved! Just brilliant!” P Brownlow – Galleries of Justice

“What a brilliant ghost hunt, I loved the history of the castle and the spooky stuff. We were very scared but excited at the same time and if you like to be spooked, sitting in a pitch black castle is the thing to do!. Thank you guys” G JohnsonClitheroe Castle

“Loved it – what an experience we will never forget. Thank you Fright Nights for making my birthday celebration so special, we all had a wonderful time and thank you for holding our hands. More friends are wanting to book for their birthdays!” Millie – Marwell Hall Ghost Hunt

“Thank you Fright Nights for a superb night at Margam Castle, what a location!, thoroughly enjoyed the event and the figure we saw was out of this world!!!!” Lucy – Margam Castle Ghost Hunt

“Had the most amazing night yesterday at Bodmin Jail Ghost Hunt!! Even got a spooky tap on the bum, and a spooky photo!!  Totally amazing!! xxx” R Eager – Bodmin Jail Ghost Hunt

“Just a note to say not only what a fantastic time we had last night at Haunted House of York Ghost Hunt, but how impressed we were with the professionalism, enthusiasm, friendliness and general organisation of the event by the staff, who were a credit to themselves and Fright Nights.” T.Ennis – Haunted House of York Ghost Hunt

“I would like to thank Dan for the most amazing night at Bodmin Jail Ghost Hunt on sat night we had so much activity. Loved the table moving with the children. And upstairs with all the people being moved was brilliant. Thanks guys. See you again soon.” T.Brown – Bodmin Jail Ghost Hunt

“Just to say a big thanks to the incredibly lovely Dawn and Daniel for my first Telscombe Ghost Hunt. Enjoyed it so much, which was jointly due to the fact it was incredibly well organised and Dawn and Daniel absolutely great people. Thank you again.”  J Wells – Telscombe Ghost Hunt

“Many thanks for last night at Haunted House of York Ghost Hunt.  We found the evening to be very interesting and well structured. Your hospitality was very warm and blended with the evening’s events. We will be booking a weekend event in August and look forward to enjoying another eventful evening.” S.Chapman – York Ghost Hunter’s Supper

“I would just like to say thank you to Fright Nights for an amazing, unforgettable night at Warwick Castle Ghost Hunt. You made everyone very welcome and the historian was very factual. What we saw and felt that night was unexplainable and I will be booking my next one very soon. Its addictive…. once you start you just cant stop!” L Aucote – Warwick Castle Ghost Hunting Experience

“Enjoyed our night at the Haunted Longhouse with Fright Nights. The medium was excellent, very good evidence. You provide very good ghost hunt experiences and interesting company.” G.Hooley – Haunted Longhouse Ghost Hunt

“We went on our first Fright Nights Ghost Hunt at Ordsall Hall and thought it was fab. The medium and our guide were brill. We were slightly unsure what to expect at first but now we have experienced the paranormal for the first time we are booking again for June (We’ve got the bug now for Ghost Hunts!!). Thanks to all and see you guys soon xxx” D.Smith – Ordsall Hall Ghost Hunt

“Just want to say a huge thank you to you. We spent the night with you guys at Warwick Castle Ghost Hunt and had the best night ever. The atmosphere was amazing and we will definitely be booking again very soon. Can’t wait to do it again!” L.Westley – Warwick Castle Ghost Hunt

“I just wanted to let you know what a FANTASTIC time I had at the Fright Nights Ghost Hunt at Theobalds Park on Saturday! The three course meal was amazing and the staff and medium were VERY good; I went as an open minded skeptic and left a firm believer! We have been on two nights previously and can’t wait for the next one! thank you so much.” K.Green – Theobalds Park Ghost Hunt

“Hello all at Fright Nights! Just wanted to say thank you for the fantastic night I spent at the Dudley Castle Ghost Hunt!! Very organised, very professional and a brilliant Fright Nights experience. We experienced a few unexplainable things and it was great to be able to go around and experience the castle without all the daytime visitors there. I’d like to thank especially Michael the medium – fun and jovial without being dramatic and very informative! I’m now really looking forward to my Alton towers trip.” E Phipps – Dudley Castle Ghost Hunt

“I just thought I would pass on my thanks for a great evening during the Alton Towers Ghost Hunt. It was a fantastic venue, which holds a completely different atmosphere to the bustling theme park it is during the day. Please pass on my praise to the mediums who attended who were absolutely fantastic. Being a skeptic, I really didn’t believe in mediumship, but they certainly helped me possibly re-evaluate my stance on that.” V Morgan – Alton Towers Ghost Hunt

“Last Friday my friend and I were at  Woodchester Mansion Ghost Hunt. It was truly excellent. Some things I could not explain, for example the glass moving and an eery shadow I saw alongside the medium by the chapel. Anyway great night guys, thanks a lot and can’t wait for the next ghost night!” A.Matthias – Woodchester Mansion Ghost Hunt

“I would just like to say what an amazing night I had at Woodchester MansionFright Nights Ghost Hunt. Even though I was alone I was made to feel welcome and had the best night ever. It really is the best location for a Ghost Hunt and I fully intend to return very very soon” K.Delaney – Woodchester Mansion Ghost Hunt

“Just like to say thanks for a wonderful night on Friday at Elveston Castle Fright Nights Ghost Hunt. We had a great night and we shall be doing it again with yourselves at some point.” M.Garton – Elvaston Castle Ghost Hunt Experience

“What a fantastic night on 9th September at Alton Towers Ghost Hunt! It was the best experience I’ve ever had! I got touched on my left leg in the room with the big window. Just thought I would just let you know how much I enjoyed it” P.Mountford – Alton Towers Ghost Hunt

“I would just like to complement you on your well organised, enjoyable and interesting events. I have only been on two events with yourself but the reason for my writing is that I went to a rival “Fright Nights Ghost Hunt” type company event last night and was thoroughly disappointed. There was no organisation. Having had such a bad experience with them and a fantastic time with yourselves I will only be recommending Fright Nights in the future.” S.Hall – Fright Nights Ghost Hunting Experience

“I attended the Psychic Weekend at Grendon Hall with Fright Nights and just want to feedback that it was a fabulous experience. Mostly, however, I would like to emphasise how fantastic the instructors were. They were organised, encouraging and clearly good at what they do. Learning from them was easy and enjoyable and I would recommend them to anyone and attend an event with them again. I feel the two days were extremely educational as well as fun. A great value weekend for the money. Thanks!” Yvonne – Psychic Weekend

“I would just like to say how much I enjoyed the Dudley Castle Ghost Hunt with Fright Nights Ghost Hunting Experiences. It was fantastic, the whole evening was so enjoyable and would recommend it to anyone. I have done this five times before and have always enjoyed it. Louise, the guide was superb and full of information, the medium was great too! Over all it was a very well organised event and so enjoyable. Already booking the Ghost Hunt.” Vicki – Dudley Castle Ghost Hunting Supper

“Thank you for a most enjoyable night at the Warwick Castle Ghost Hunt, we all said we would like to try somewhere else, so we look forward to seeing you all soon. Once again, thank you” T.Thomas – Warwick Castle Ghost Experience

“Spent last night at the Maltings for the Saffron Walden Ghost Hunt and just wanted to let you know what a brilliant night I had. Loads went on, will definitely be back for more Ghost Hunts!!” J.Coldwell – The Maltings, Saffron Walden Ghost Hunting Experience

“We would like to say how impressed we were. It was professionally handled and those of us who thought it would be an event with people who were doing impressions of that TV haunting show’s infamous psychic, were soon reassured that Fright Nights do not allow such showmanship!! Many, many thanks!” J.Hall – Saffron Walden Ghost Hunting Experience

“Just wanted to say thank you so much for a fantastic experience at Woodchester Mansion Ghost Hunt on Saturday. It was difficult to know what to expect but we were certainly not disappointed – and let me just say I would go again as I know the experience would be different again.” J.Patuzzi – Woodchester Mansion Ghost Hunt

“I had a thoroughly good time with Fright Nights. It was great to be with people like those who were there, working seriously but with a sense of humour. To be able to relax like that is rare on an event” M.Anderson – Fright Nights Ghost Hunting Experience

“I just wanted to thank Fright Nights for a great night on Friday on the Lichfield Guildhall Ghost Hunt. It was my third time on an event and that was one of the scariest I have been on. Thank you so much and I look forward to my next event!”  L Witton – Lichfield Guildhall Ghost Hunt

“My partner and myself came to see your medium last night. I would like to say how shocked I was when I gave him a watch that was my Grandfathers, who has been dead 10 years. As soon as he held the watch without me saying a word , he was pretty much spot on with everything he said. After last night I have took a huge step towards being a full on believer, and would like to say Thank you to Fright Nights for a entertaining evening” J.Conroy – Night of Mediumship Experience

Just like to say to thank you to everyone at Fright Nights, What a fantastic night we had last night at the Dudley Castle Ghost Hunt. The Food was excellent, The hosts were fantastic and what an absolutely amazing evening, I didn’t expect much to happen,but was very very impressed. Looking at coming on another Ghost Hunt very soon. Told my friends about it also!” L C Robinson – Dudley Castle Ghost Hunt

“We’ve just got back from the Ghost Hunt evening at The Golden Fleece Inn. We just like to say how much we enjoyed the evening, we found it very fascinating watching a medium at work.” H Keating – Ghosts of York Fright Nights Supper

“Thanks for a truly brilliant night on the Bodelwyddan Castle Ghost Hunt in North Wales; it was superb, especially the 1st vigil when our group were in the gentleman’s snooker room and we all heard footsteps and a girl’s cry twice in the corridor!! A very professional (once again) night and it was really enjoyable. Cannot wait to book another one.” M. Ormrod – Bodelwyddan Castle Ghost Hunt

“We came on your ghost hunt in Kings Lynn with Fright Nights and had a fantastic night. We experienced some unexplainable events and had so much fun exploring the unknown.” M.Russell – King’s Lynn Ghost Hunting Experience

“I went to the Woodchester Mansion Ghost Hunt on my first ever Ghost Hunt, I found it fascinating and extremely interesting and rewarding and can’t wait until my next ghost hunt, I wish to thank all the staff that evening for making the night what I was hoping it would be!” C Hawthorne – Woodchester Mansion Ghost Hunting Experience

“Just took part in the Bodmin Jail Ghost Hunt event and it was brilliant! We went in as a group of skeptics and came out a bit uncertain as to what was out there! Moving glasses, manifestations, moving lights and a fog horn!! Well done guys and I will be booking again soon!” JH – Bodmin Jail Ghost Hunt

“I would just like to thank everyone involved in the Tutbury Castle Ghost Hunt. I had an amazing time and would recommend it to anyone with an interest in the supernatural.” P Waldon – Tutbury Castle Ghost Supper

“THANK YOU!!!! We spent a night at The Commandery Ghost Hunt in Worcester, and we had a fantastic night, we had some strange experiences and many Haunted Happenings!!! We will be back for more frights!!! Thank you Fright Nights.” L D’ath – The Commandery Ghost Hunt

“We came to the Woodchester Mansion Ghost Hunt and I’m just writing to say THANK YOU!! We had a brilliant time and on several occasions we were well and truly spooked! We’ve been to a couple of haunted places before with various groups but you guys are by far the best! The mansion was amazing and the atmosphere was out of this world. The fright we got in the cellar at the end of the event was the perfect ending to a perfect night! We’re going to keep an eye on other events you have coming up and will be back on another Fright Nights event very soon!” M Curruthers – Woodchester Mansion Ghost Hunt

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for making this a scientific and realistic experience and not a cheap sideshow like Haunted Happenings. To be in company with like minded individuals, brought so much understanding and has made me want to pursue my interest in the paranormal further. I am extremely eager to attend more Fright Nights and would recommend these events to anyone with even a passing fancy of the unexplained.” M & A Wallace – Galleries of Justice Ghost Hunt

“I’d like to thank you all for a great night at the Tamworth Castle Ghost Hunt. I never thought I’d experience anything, but the haunted bedroom was very unnerving. It was a great end to the night to hear what was caught on tape in the Ferrers room. I can’t wait to come back.” S Hall – Tamworth Castle Ghost Hunt

“Just wanted to say a quick Thank You for the fantastic Ghost Hunt at the Golden Fleece in York. The night itself was so well run with so many different activities going on that the time just flew past. I really cant wait now to sign up and come along on another event! All the best, and once again thanks.” E Chalmers – Golden Fleece Ghost Hunt

“Many thanks this is our 3rd Ghost Hunt and what a fantastic time we have had up to now. A great night away from the kids and something unusual instead of sitting in the pub – what more could you ask for!” L Fletton – Golden Fleece Ghost Hunt

“Hi, my girlfriend and I attended your Ghost Hunt at Tamworth Castle with Fright Nights. I just wanted to say what a fantastic experience it was and that we will definitely be attending future events. The thing that impressed me most was how scientific and balanced the evening was, I was concerned it would be too sensationalist and every creak would be attributed to ghostly activity. Thank you for a great time from both of us.” W Powell – Tamworth Castle Ghost Hunt

“Thank you for a really great evening at Chambercombe Manor Fright Nights. We will all be coming again hopefully sooner rather than later. Thanks again.” C & K Tarrant – Chambercombe Manor Ghost Hunting Experience

“Just want to say thank you for a fantastic night on Friday at the Dudley Castle Ghost Hunt! it was so well organised and the experience is something which we are still chatting about now – it’s something that I will never forget! Thank you again for a very exhilarating night!” K Warren – Dudley Castle Ghost Hunt

“Just a note to say we thought our Fright Nights Haunted House of York Ghost Hunt was an excellent evening. I purchased the ticket for a 21st birthday and we travelled from Bath for one day in York. We are already looking at booking another event.”  A Dettmar and G Dettmar – Ghost of York Supper Ghost Hunt

“I attended your Tamworth Castle Ghost Hunt and had a fantastic night! I appreciate all the organisation you took for the night and experienced some ghostly phenomenon in the chapel. All in all it was a night packed with action, some of which I kept to myself only to be confirmed by the medium and other guests later on. Thank you for a life changing experience, hope to see you on another event soon.” J Ibbertson – Tamworth Castle Ghost Hunt

“We just wanted to say a big thank you to you guys for hosting the recent event at Woodchester Mansion Ghost Hunt. We really enjoyed our first experience of ghost hunting and unfortunately are now hooked! We’ll be booking another event pretty soon.” A Marsey – Woodchester Mansion Ghost Hunt Experience

“That night at Dudley must go down in my book as being the most amazing night I’ve had in my life, the events of that night could never have been expected beforehand.”  T Macinnes – Dudley Castle Ghost Hunt

“I would just like to thank all the team at Fright Nights for a brilliant night at Dudley Castle Ghost Hunt. We all will definitely be returning for another event soon.” RF – Dudley Castle Ghost Hunt

“We’ve just got back from the Tutbury Castle  Fright Nights, we wanted to tell you what a fantastic time we had and how well organised the whole event was.” NG – Tutbury Castle Ghost Hunt

“Thanks for a great Ghost Hunt last night. Everyone enjoyed it and are looking forward to another event as soon as possible” DM – Dudley Castle Ghost Hunt

“Can I say thank-you for an excellent Ghost Hunt at Tutbury… we learned a lot about paranormal investigation and more importantly about ourselves. We will certainly be recommending the event to everyone we know.” RM – Tutbury Castle Ghost Hunt

“I just wanted to say thanks for a fantastic night Ghost Hunting! The Galleries of Justice is such an amazing place!!” V Powell – Galleries of Justice Ghost Hunt

“Just wanted to thank you for a brilliant Ghost Hunt last night at The Commandery. Our very first overnighter provided us with unexplained noises, lights and shadows. Will definitely be joining you again for more Haunted Happenings.” M Cale – The Commandery Ghost Hunt Experience

“A fantastic night and it is plain to see that they are very serious about the investigations they conduct” C Jones – Bisham Abbey Ghost Hunting Experience

“I would just like to thank you for one of the most amazing nights of my life. I have to say that the Galleries of Justice Ghost Hunt event was an excellent setting and gave us some fantastic results!! I am definitely going to go again on another one of your dates.”
T Newton – Galleries of Justice Ghost Hunt