Friends of Fright Nights

Another new venture for Fright Nights as we celebrate our 20th Anniversary year.


Though not a regular occurrence, sometimes we have events which are under subscribed or last minute cancellations.  We never let our guests down by cancelling (unless there are exceptional circumstances) but this does mean we can offer some tickets at reduced prices to established (non-profit) private paranormal groups, to help cover costs.

We have many private groups join us on our events and we allow them to go off on solo investigations away from the main group, depending on venue suitability. It is typically the larger venues where this is possible! Remember no fakery is allowed on any of our events! You will be expected to remain with us for the initial health & safety talk and a tour of the premises, so you know where all the fire exits are and where you can and can’t go in the venue.

All you need do is email to register your interest as a friend, and offers will start immediately. We cannot guarantee reduced tickets will be available for every event and when they are, they will be issued on a first come first served basis. This will be typically 5-7 days prior to the event, but if we have late cancellations it may be as little as the day of the event!

Once registered, simply email your membership when the offers come in, quoting the code given.  It would be good to build a working relationship and recommend each other to friends and families. We will add your details to the below list of FRIENDS OF FRIGHT NIGHTS where we can advertise your logo, contact details and brief description of what you do. We will recommend your groups to our guests who are more serious about continuing paranormal investigations on a private, professional level.


  MarLyn Paranormal – Located in Berkshire

Email: – Contact Lynda & Mark for all your personal & private investigations.  We are happy to confirm if you have spirit activity and deal with it accordingly.  All private investigations are kept confidential.  Call: 07852 998628