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Bringing you Ghost Hunts at Britain’s Most Haunted Locations since 1999.

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Fright Nights was the first company of its type to offer overnight ghost hunting experiences to the general public and retains its reputation for fantastic and unusual locations, as well as a good night of ghost hunting for all it’s guests, right up to the present day. Still adding new locations and events all the time we continue to go from strength to strength.

Started by the husband and wife team of Martin and Louise Jeffrey, Fright Nights began back in 1999 when members of the public began expressing their interest in taking part in investigations through their online paranormal magazine  An event was quickly organised and was an instant success, setting a precedent for entertaining and educational ghost themed experiences.

Since 1999 Fright Nights have taken thousands of people from all around the world to locations within the United Kingdom that are said to be haunted.  There have been numerous overnight investigations, field trips and haunted weekends with Fright Nights appearing and consulting on over 140 documentaries and television programmes in the first five years alone!

In 2003 Fright Nights organised “The World Biggest Ghost Hunt” that was subsequently broadcast to 4 million viewers on Living TV. The purpose of the night was achieved – to raise an incredible amount of money for the cancer charities that Fright Nights support.

On 1st November 2017, Fright Nights came under new ownership in the guise of Mark and Lynda Hughes, both having had paranormal experiences as children which followed them both into their adult lives, fuelling their passion.  Having investigated the paranormal alone for many years, in 2016, we joined the Fright Nights family by running the Berkshire franchise which soon progressed to full company ownership.

Still very much a family business we are joined by our son and daughter-in-law who also have the passion and have both had their own personal experiences of the paranormal, both in childhood and their working environment, now running the South Wales franchise.  Along with all our other very experienced franchisees who run events in their own areas, many of whom have been with Fright Nights for many years. We continually search for new places to investigate and exclusive locations for our guests who come on a Fright Nights event.

We also welcome any ideas you may have for new locations or variety of events. We have held Ghost Hunts, Suppers, Medium evenings, Walks, Tours, Short Vigils, Overnight stays, Weekend events etc.etc.

A typical Ghost Hunt Event

We start with a Welcome, Health & Safety & Introduction, all followed by a tour of the venue with our Medium to find out what Spirits may inhabit the venue that we can contact later in the event.

Each guest is encouraged to join in and participate throughout the evening. They are given both spiritual and electronic pieces of equipment to use allowing them to observe for themselves the effects the paranormal can have on their surroundings.

Fright Nights have heavily invested in the latest ghost-hunting equipment including EMF and motion detectors, laser thermometers, night scopes, tri-field meters, digital voice recorders and motion-detecting cameras. (We don’t think the Ghostbusters were this well equipped! – Equipment varies from Franchise to Franchise with Head Office now introducing the SLS Camera for Spirit detection.)

The ghost vigils begin usually in three dedicated areas based on our previous walk round. The vigils consist of sitting in one location and taking part in experiments, observing and waiting for paranormal activity etc. They will run until late in the event when you are given free time to explore on your own and use our equipment.

At no point in the evening will anything be faked.  We keep it 100% real.  Everything you see, hear or experience will be genuine Spirit activity.  We trust our guests will follow this too!


Lynda and Mark Hughes – Owners, Events Co-Ordinators, Paranormal Investigators and Hosts
We have been investigating the paranormal for many years having both had childhood experiences under the name of MarLyn Paranormal. We have travelled all over the U.K. investigating many locations privately and publicly but have taken our time whilst our family grew up. Children having now all left home and both of us retired from the rat race, we are free to devote our time to our passion and the running of Fright Nights, encouraging others to fall in love with the unexplained! Starting with just the Berkshire area, we quickly expanded to help run the Cambridgeshire events and now own the parent company.
We are both members of the Ghost Club, est.1862 and attend regular meetings and lectures on the Paranormal furthering our knowledge in the subject.

Freddie and Becky Hughes – Technician, Photographer, Paranormal Investigators, Hosts and Vigilators.  Owners of Fright Nights South Wales.
Again, both of whom have had experiences throughout the years. Starting in childhood and then working in some very haunted venues, including Conference Centres, Pubs and Hotels. Bottles, Glasses and Knives being thrown are among some of their own personal experiences. Freddie works on the more technical side, maintaining the equipment, recording and videoing. Becky is our stills photographer and to date has captured some incredible images that cannot be explained.

Libby (aka Louise Macinnes) – Owner of Fright Nights Warwickshire and Paranormal Investigator
Libby has been interested in the paranormal ever since she was a child and was always intrigued by ‘real’ ghost stories that she read.  As the longest standing team member of Fright Nights, having worked with its originator since its inception, she has a wealth of experience to impart both on guests and newer team members. She has studied hard over the years and has a Diploma in Parapsychology.  Another valuable member of the Fright Nights team.

Angela Mitchell – Psychic Medium and Spirit Artist.
Angela is currently the official medium for Fright Nights Berkshire, and is also working with Fright Nights Cambridgeshire and Head Office. Angela is an established medium, healer, psychic artist and teacher based in a small town called Maidenhead, part of the Royal Windsor & Maidenhead Borough. She is known for her friendly, warm and welcoming personality. She has a very simple and straightforward attitude towards providing practical, empowering readings in the UK and internationally. Angela is one of the emerging mediums around the world, trained at the world renowned Arthur Findlay Spiritualist College, who believe in taking the “mystery” out of mediumship and making it more accessible to the general public. You get pure information from spirit and from your own soul without the drama. So don’t book if you are expecting Mystic Meg to open the door to you! Expect a big fat smile, lots of laughter and a genuine reading.
– Bio taken from Angela’s website

Our other franchise areas currently include:
Beds & Herts,  Berkshire,  Cambridgeshire,  East & South Yorkshire,  Essex,  Leicestershire,  London,  Norfolk & Suffolk,  North Wales,  South Wales,  South West,  Surrey,  Warwickshire,  Worcestershire  and  West Yorkshire.
All of which are run by equally qualified, experienced team members, each with their own amazing mediums.

Coming soon:

East & West Sussex which is active, just waiting for someone to take it on.

Gloucestershire which is active, just waiting for someone to take it on

Kent which is active, just waiting for someone to take it on.

Northants which is currently dormant, waiting for a new owner.

Nottinghamshire which is very active, just waiting for someone to take it on.

Oxfordshire which is active, just waiting for someone to take it on.


Lynda and Mark Hughes

2 Willant Close, Maidenhead, Berks SL6 3NL

Tel:  07852 998628





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