Evidence Page

City of Caves 7th September 2018 – Taken in the small Cave off the largest cavern.

We encountered one child, then a second (who came and went quite quickly) watching us in this area. Comfortably sat on a stool, interacting with a guest and Angela our medium.

Strelley Hall 28th July 2018 – Taken in the Tower room when everything kicked off at once.

The K2, just out of shot, became fixed in the red zone, whilst the Mel meter increased to 20mG, the Egely Wheel started to spin, the Ovilus started to spill out words and the Rem Pod, elsewhere in the room, started to flash consistently and even the door opened on it’s own.  It may not have lasted for long but was certainly an experience to remember by all present.

Peterborough Museum 23rd June 2018 – Where this image was captured by a first time Ghost Hunter.  It made his night and everyone was amazed by this image.

He heard a noise and turned round to capture this image.  It tells a complete story of events in that location.  Why not come to the Peterborough Museum with Fright Nights to see what you find?