Ghost Hunts

COVID 19 Directive As you are aware, all events were cancelled back in March, but we have been working hard to get as many rescheduled both this year and into 2021. We are planning to restart all events in September, so if you have tickets on hold please visit our website to choose your new event.  All held bookings will be secure until 31st March 2021, which should give you time to either move to the new date for your chosen venue or to change to a different one altogether.   Please note that we are following official guidelines and if either the venue decides to close, or an area is placed in quarantine, then we may have to move the event again at short notice. We know how difficult it has been, but while Covid is still active, it is possible we will not be providing refreshments, unless a dedicated member of the team can help serve you. We are advising you to bring your own just in case. Individual sachets may be provided where possible. It will depend on guidelines from the venue if they request masks be worn, especially if social distancing is difficult, but stay in your own group/bubble and masks may not be necessary. (Fingers crossed).  Hand sanitiser and disinfectant wipes will be provided for extra protection. Most importantly, we will not allow Covid 19 to affect your enjoyment of the event at any point, in any way.  So let's all have a great time! If you don't have an event booked with us at the moment, we all need something to look forward to, so to that end we are offering our COVID 19 Gift Voucher promotion.  Spend £50 and get £25 FREE. Valid for a full 12 months.  Buy online or email with your request. Yours sincerely,  Lynda & Mark, Head Office. Since 1999, Fright Nights have offered Britain's scariest Ghost Hunts at some of the most haunted locations throughout the country to the general public, including haunted castles, museums, houses and many many more. Join our ghost hunters and mediums for a night to remember!