Ordsall Hall Ghost Hunt £49 (VIP £44.10) POSTPONED TO 26.03.21

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Start Date: 9th October 2020
End Date: 10th October 2020
Time: 8:00 pm to 1:00 am

Location: 322 Ordsall Lane Ordsall, Salford M5 3AN

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NEW DATE 26.03.21

Join us as we visit this incredible grade 1 listed Manor House. It dates back more than 750 years, although the oldest surviving parts of the present hall were built in the 15th century. It was the family seat of the Radclyffe family, who lived there for over 300 years.

With the abundance of paranormal activity reported here, Fright Nights have secured Ordsall Hall as one of our brand-new ghost hunting venues for 2020!  Join us to investigate and help us determine what is fact and what is fiction!

Our Ordsall Hall Ghost Hunt includes;
• Introduction – The history and hauntings
• Mediumship walkround – who haunts tonight
• Psychic and Ghost Hunting Equipment
• Psychic experiments including seances, glass divination, table tipping and more
• Ghost hunting vigils in the dark
• Hot drinks and biscuits
• Your chance to ghost hunt in a haunted location throughout the night

David de Hulton is recorded as the original owner, in 1251. The Radclyffe family taking over in about 1335. During the 1340s Sir John Radclyffe campaigned with Edward III in France, distinguishing himself at the battles of Caen, Crècy and Calais and as a reward, the king allowed Sir John to take some Flemish weavers back to his Ordsall estate.

The Flemish weavers were employed in instructing the local weavers, to help improve their quality of work. From that followed a silk weaving industry, which became the foundation for Manchester’s later cotton industry.

In 1499, it was described as thus: “… the floors are made of clay and are covered with layers of rushes, constantly replenished, so that the bottom layer remains for 20 years harbouring spittle, vomit, the urine of dogs and men, the dregs of beer, the remains of fish and other nameless filth …”  YUCK to that!

The original cruck hall was replaced by the present Great Hall in 1512. Other alterations and additions were made during the 17th century, including a modest brick house added onto the west end in 1639, intended as a home for Sir Alexander’s bailiff, as he himself no longer used the hall as his main residence by that time. The house was built at 90° to the timber-framed building, to which it was later joined. After being imprisoned during the Civil War, he suffered financial hardship and reduced means, eventually forced his heir, John Radclyffe, into selling the hall to Colonel Samuel Birch in 1662, thus ending more than 300 years of his family’s occupation.

Following a succession of owners the hall remained in occupation until 1871, the last residents being the descendants of John Markendale, who had been there since 1814. It was then used as a Working Men’s Club, the great hall as a gymnasium and other areas for billiards, skittles and bowling.

Finally restored during 1896–98 it was then also used as a clergy training school.  The men’s social club at Ordsall Hall survived until 1940. During the Second World War the hall was used as a radio station.  Then following further major restoration work, until it was opened to the public in April 1972, as a period house and local history museum.

There are two separate elements to the present-day house: the timber-framed south range built in the 15th century, and the brick west range constructed in 1639. The hall was originally built around a central quadrangle, but the other wings making up that space are no longer present. Drawing on the earliest description of the house, from 1380, the Salford City Council describes how it comprised “a hall, five chambers, a kitchen and a chapel”. The Star Chamber, which takes its name from the lead stars on its ceiling, leads off the Great Hall; it and the solar above – a private upper room that would have contained a bed – are the oldest remaining parts of the hall.
It is thought to have underground passages leading from the hall into Manchester. One, running under the River Irwell to the Hanging Bridge Hotel at the northern end of Deansgate, was described in 1900, following the rediscovery of the Hanging Bridge after it had been buried for 200 years:

“… I was shown a door in Hanging Bridge Hotel cellar where the arches could be seen and a door made up … it was the entrance to an underground passage under the Irwell, possibly to Ordsall Hall … the owner had not traversed the passage himself, but the previous owner had, but had to turn back because of bad smells ….”— Letter to the Manchester Guardian, April 1900

History also states that the Gunpowder Plot of 1605 was planned by Guy Fawkes in Ordsall Hall’s Star Chamber. Guy Fawkes is supposed to have escaped capture by way of a tunnel from Ordsall Hall to an inn at the cathedral end of Hanging Bridge, at the northern end of present-day Deansgate. There is no firm supporting evidence, but the legend is remembered in the name of the modern road that runs to the east of the hall, namely Guy Fawkes Street.

Like many old buildings, Ordsall Hall has lots of stories of hauntings. The White Lady who is said to appear in the Great Hall or Star Chamber is popularly believed to be Margaret Radclyffe, who died of a broken heart in 1599 following the death at sea of her twin, Alexander. There are webcams overseeing the areas that are said to be the most haunted and it was visited by Most Haunted back in 2005.  What will we witness and learn when we visit this incredible location.

Please note: Over 18’s only and NO pregnant women allowed as per our insurance cover. Venue is usually unsuitable for disabled guests due to the nature of the buildings but if in doubt, please contact us for more information. NO accommodation is provided unless specifically detailed. For more information please see our full terms and conditions here. All our events are fully insured, and a First Aider will be present. This event is organised by Fright Nights Head Office.


With thanks to Lynda Hughes of Fright Nights Head Office for the Research & Detailed Write-up for this event.


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