The Old Pumping Station Ghost Hunt – £49 (VIP £44.10) (05/09/20)

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Start Date: 5th September 2020
End Date: 6th September 2020
Time: 8:00 pm to 2:00 am

Location: The Old Pumping Station, Cheddars Lane, Cambridge CB5 8LD

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The Old Pumping Station Ghost Hunt
Join Fright nights Cambridgeshire as we spend the night at the Museum of Technology, formerly the old sewage pumping station on Cheddars Lane – one of the oldest streets in Cambridge City!  Just to reassure you, it doesn’t smell any more….
The museum has had very few off the cuff ghost hunts in the past, so this is a very unique opportunity and a brand new location for fright nights. We will begin our evening with a brief guided tour by one of the museum volunteers, highlighting the history and hauntings of the place. The most well-known to the museum is the ghost of the boiler room. The pumping station was of course a very dangerous place to work, and accidents happened on occasion… A cleaner once standing on a piece of machinery to reach the area above had their foot taken clean off. Not to mention the dead bodies that were sometimes brought up with the pumps.. mostly animal, but not always! This event also includes the Engineers House next door which gave us some very interesting evidence when last there.
Dare you join the Ghost Hunt at this great new location following it’s refurbishment!

The Old Pumping Station Ghost Hunt includes;
Short guided History and Hauntings Tour
Mediumship walkround – who haunts tonight?
Psychic and Ghost Hunting Equipment
Experiments including seances and glass divination
Ghost Hunting Vigils in the dark
Hot Drinks and Biscuits
Your chance to stay in a haunted location at night!

In Victorian Britain, public health was so poor that very sadly, it wasn’t uncommon for a child to die before the age of 5. Cholera epidemics killed many thousands of people. Victorian parliament realised the problem was raw sewage contaminating drinking water and the unsanitary conditions had to be dealt with. Most dwellings at this time would have had a cesspit which was basically a hole in the ground covered by a small shed type building. A lot of people’s water supply was from a local hand pump which would have raised water from a few meters underground, and would filter through the sewage before reaching the surface.
The Cambridge pumping station was part of the scheme to remove sewage, so in 1894 the pumping station was built, initially using steam engines and pumps, which then pumped the towns sewage to the treatment works two miles away. The site on Cheddars lane was selected as it was outside the main town and well above the river flood level.
The building was extended over the years and gas engines were introduced, which the museum now showcases. An all-electric station downstream from cheddar lane, eventually left the old pumping station redundant and it closed in 1968.
The pumping station re opened in 1971 as the machinery was deemed valuable from an industrial heritage point of view, and restoration work has been ongoing since then.
It’s such an interesting place and a very visable part of the Cambridge skyline with the iconic chimney standing approximately 180 feet high.
Also an extremely eerie place to be. Especially at night!
Don’t miss the opportunity of participating in a unique ghost hunt at the Museum of Technology!

Please note: Over 18’s only and NO pregnant women allowed as per our insurance cover. Venue is usually unsuitable for disabled guests due to the nature of the buildings but if in doubt, please contact us for more information.  NO accommodation is provided unless specifically detailed. For more information please see our full terms and conditions here.  All our events are fully insured, and a First Aider will be present.  This event is organised by Fright Nights Cambridgeshire.

With thanks to Fright Nights Cambridgeshire for the Research & Detailed Write-up for this event.


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