Hell House Ghost Hunt with Optional Sleepover – £49

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Start Date: 13th April 2019
End Date: 14th April 2019
Time: 8:30 pm to 2:30 am

Location: 81 Skegness Road, Burgh Le Marsh, Nr. Skegness, Lincolnshire PE24 5LL

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Book NowIn 2018 Fright Nights brings you one of the newest and sure to be notorious houses for paranormal activity. You even have the option to stay the night if you dare!

81 Skegness Road has been dubbed as “Hell House” or “The Conjured House” due to unexplained phenomena such as poltergeist activity, strange smells and noises, (as reported by other groups) and experienced first-hand by the Fright Nights team during our initial visit. Upon entering the house, there is an immediate heavy and unwelcoming feeling, which could be partly due to the run-down state of the property and the strange décor, with wooden panelling over the walls and the number 9 hung on the living room door?! Not entirely sure what this signifies, but none the less bizarre!
There is certainly a dark energy in specific areas of the house. The Attic is especially creepy with murals on the wall which would correlate with the suggestion that at some point it was used as a child’s bedroom. The attic was where we experienced a child’s laugh, a strong smell of burning (gone as quickly as it came) and a purse was taken out of a handbag and found on the floor a couple feet away from the bag.
There is said to be a male presence in the house. His image is thought to have been captured in the mirror above the fireplace in the kitchen area. The photograph was taken by a female while no-one else was in the room, and depicts a dark almost demonic looking figure. Perhaps the reason why the property has been labelled as Hell House.

We would certainly like to find out more… would you?

The Ghost Hunt at 81 Skegness Road includes:
Initial welcome including information about Fright Nights, Health and Safety talk and equipment talk.
Mediumship walk round – who haunts tonight?
Psychic experiments including seances, glass divination and more…
Ghost Hunting Vigils in the dark with our medium and using ghost hunting equipment.
Hot Drinks and Biscuits.
Your chance to ghost hunt in a haunted location at night!
An intimate event intended for a maximum of 10 guests.
Optional Sleepover Included – don’t forget your bed and sleeping bag!

The town of Burgh le Marsh was established on a low hill, originally part of the Lincolnshire Coastal Plain in the southern middle marsh. The Burgh Heritage Centre displays Roman Artefacts which have been discovered in various parts of the Town, suggesting there may have once been a Roman Fort in the area. Burgh le Marsh is mentioned in the “Doomsday Book” as an important Anglo-Saxon Settlement, originally called Burg or Burch, meaning “Fort”.  In 1401, Burgh Le Marsh became a market town, but a steady decline in agriculture meant that eventually it reverted to “village” status. An Archeological dig took place on cock hill in Burgh Le Marsh, which uncovered Saxon burial remains. This was in 1933, around the same time the house was built!
The house is now abandoned, other than the spirits which seem to reside here, and has sadly been left in a state of decay. The floral wallpaper gives the house a sense of it being a family home in the 70’s, but the place is simply peculiar, with the odd furnishings, the wood cladding on the walls and the strange items littered around the place, such as the doll on the fireplace with the black face. The Attic room with the strange murals and children’s furniture, with no windows up there! Can you imagine being shut away in a room with no natural light?
It is said that the house was found with one of the upstairs bedrooms locked, with unusual items found inside such as candles, books on the occult and salt. Has witchcraft taken place within the walls of 81 Skegness Road? Or were the previous family protecting themselves from something?
Is the house haunted because of the land it’s build upon? Or did something sinister happen here?
There are so many unanswered questions, that we feel the property warrants further investigation.


Fright Nights have hired 81 Skegness Road for the night for a very intimate ghost hunt. You are joined by experienced paranormal investigators and medium to try and experience paranormal activity in one of the most haunted buildings in Lincolnshire. Full use of Ghost Hunting and Psychic equipment will be provided as well as hot refreshments throughout the night.

Please note: Over 18’s only, No pregnant women allowed, unsuitable for disabled guests due to the nature of the building. This is an optional sleepover event, should you wish to stay until morning you will need to bring camping beds/mats, sleepingbags and pillows. For more information please see our terms and conditions. This event is organised by Fright Nights.



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Fright Nights are the original ghost hunting company established in 1999. We have taken over 400,000 people ghost hunting at over 350 locations and broken two world records.

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