Hauntings and Hangings Ghost Hunt – £40

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Start Date: 9th September 2017
End Date: 10th September 2017
Time: 9:30 pm to 3:30 am

Location: Vicar St, Kidderminster DY10 1DB

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The North Worcestershire Town of Kidderminster is no stranger to murder and tragedy. Now stood on land that was once an inn, infamous for their ladies of the night and drunken rogues, the original Victorian Kidderminster Town Hall is said to be diverse in its ghostly activity. The ancient burial ground that sleeps underneath should not be ignored.

Fright Nights Worcestershire will have access to the whole building , which will include:

  • The Mayor’s Personal Chambers
  • The Original Crown Court Room
  • The Historic Music Room
  • The King Charles I Suite
  • Council Chambers

The Kidderminster Town Hall ghost hunt also includes:

  • Mediumship walk-round – who haunts tonight?
  • Mediumship and Equipment workshops
  • Psychic and Ghost Hunting Equipment
  • Experiments including seances and glass divination
  • Ghost Hunting Vigils in the dark
  • Hot Drinks and Biscuits
  • Expert advice and discussion about the paranormal
  • Your chance to ghost hunt in a haunted location at night!

Built on Vicar Street, Kidderminster Town Hall opened its doors in 1855 and since then has been at the heart of districts social calendar. This landmark building has played a central role in the town’s historical events and welcomed many royal visitors and dignitaries.

Speeches of eminent leaders such as a young Winston Churchill, Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin, explorer Ernest Shakelton and women’s rights campaigner Emmeline Pankhurst have echoed off its walls. During the second world war years , Kidderminster Town Hall become a popular dance hall and many local couples met whilst gliding round the dance floor in the Music Room.

In the 50’s and 60’s it become one of the premier regional venues for newcomers into the music industry and the likes of the Rolling Stones, Tom Jones, The Kinks and Cilla Black all cut their musical teeth on the Town Hall stage.

Reports of a ghost, observed to be a well-dressed gentleman, is seen pacing the pavement outside and patting the ground for his lost wallet. It has been reported the gentleman was murdered here. The inn’s landlord, believing he was an intruder, shot the man in his drunken state after he returned to the bar to retrieve his wallet. The landlord intoxicated and confused, shot his wife mistaking her as the man’s accomplice. The landlord then turned the gun on himself.

Also haunted by prisoners gone by, the council offices that were once the cells of those trialled a the Crown Court in the upper echelons of this fascinating building, have been the scene of dark figures witnessed by those who now frequent here. It is claimed that prisoner suicides in the 1800s were of the highest rate in the cells of the Crown Court. Workers now often finish on time to avoid being alone with reports of shadows and unexplained noises.

The Kidderminster Town Hall is a packed night of activities beginning with a walkround with our psychic medium who will tell us who is haunting the building tonight! You will be split into smaller groups and get to use the latest psychic and ghost hunting equipment and experiments for a night to remember! Fright Nights Worcestershire provides the best chance of finding out first-hand why Kidderminster Town Hall is regarded as one of the most haunted locations in Worcestershire.

Please note: Over 18s only – no pregnant women allowed and attendees must be reasonably fit. For more information please see our Terms and Conditions.


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About the Organisers :

Fright Nights Worcestershire organises ghost hunts in Worcester, Kidderminster and across the county. Visiting the most haunted locations in Worcestershire for a night to remember.

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