Ghost hunting at Nothe Fort – £45

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Start Date: 23rd September 2017
End Date: 24th September 2017
Time: 8:00 pm to 2:00 am

Location: Barrack Rd, Weymouth DT4 8UF

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Book NowFright Nights first ghost hunt at Nothe Fort, Weymouth! Reported sightings at The Nothe Fort include a phantom apparition walking the battlements at night and a legendary ghostly whistling gunner in the underground passageways. What will you experience at Dorset’s most haunted location?

Our Nothe Fort Ghost Hunt includes:

History tour of the fort with an experienced tour guide
Mediumship walkround – who haunts tonight
Psychic and ghost hunting equipment
Experiments including séance, glass divination and table tipping
NEW experiment – group intuition
Ghost hunting vigils in the dark
Expert advice and discussion about the paranormal
Your chance to experience a haunted genuine fort at night
Hot drinks and biscuits
Free on-site car parking

A major visitor attraction for Dorset, it is also the site of reported ghostly sightings. The Nothe Fort is an original historic sea fort on the Jurassic Coast. We have gained access to multiple areas of this hauntingly evocative location, experience the underground passageways, gun decks designed to house 12 cannons, magazines and casements, and walk the ramparts!

In the 1800s, during Queen Victoria’s reign, following an invasion scare a series of sea forts were built along our South Coast as part of our national coastal defences. The Nothe Fort in Weymouth, Dorset, was designed to protect Portland Harbour.

Simce World War II the Nothe Fort has been occupied by The Royal Artillery, The Royal Engineers and The Royal Navy. In 1940 two ships attempting to enter Portland Harbour failed to identify themselves and were fired upon, later, it emerged that they were full of refugees from The Channel Islands seeking a safe haven. Many times the fort attacked incoming German aeroplanes and bombers – will this action have left an imprint?

The main threat came from the air and many more deaths occurred during the Germany bombing raids in World War II. An interesting and poignant historical fact is that 517,816 troops left England from this section of the coast to fight on the battlefields of Normandy. The fort remained in active service until 1956 and subsequently fell derelict. It has now been brought to a superb level of restoration by the hard work and dedication of many people, primarily volunteers.

There are many reports of ghosts and paranormal activity at the fort, and Fright Nights South West decided to organise a very special series of ghost hunts at Dorset’s most haunted location. People have reported eerie whistling when no one is around, also the sightings of a shadowy man! Will the phantom red suited soldiers be seen on the night as well – or will the “Black Dog of Nothe Fort” make an appearance? Join our paranormal investigators and medium for a night to remember!

On this genuinely interesting event you can explore magazines, the battlements, and underground passageways can all be explored and you can see, and touch, real cannon. Subject to the weather conditions you can ‘walk the ramparts’ yourself!

Please note: Over 18s only – no pregnant women allowed and attendees must be reasonably fit. Floor surfaces in places very uneven. No accommodation provided.



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About the Organisers :

Fright Nights South West organise ghost hunts, haunted weekend and workshops across Gloucestershire, Bristol and Somerset. From Woodchester Mansion to Nothe Fort, Ancient Ram Inn to Blackfriars Priory, these are ghost hunts to remember!

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