Clumber Park Mediumship Workshop and Ghost Hunt – £59

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Start Date: 22nd April 2017
End Date: 23rd April 2017
Time: 1:00 pm to 12:00 am

Location: Clumber Park Worksop S80 3AZ

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Book NowAn old 18th century haunted cottage is the location for a special mediumship workshop and ghost hunt centred on using mediumship and psychic abilities for ghost hunting. Our event will help you increase your awareness of your own perceptions and feelings when investigating ghosts and spirits. Just 15 attendees!

Situated in the middle of the Clumber Park estate near Worksop, a 18th century haunted cottage awaits you for a day and night of mediumship and ghost hunting. A unique chance to explore the paranormal with two experienced and knowledgeable mediums.

Ian Doherty has over twenty years experience working as a medium and psychic artist, he has taught courses internationally and is Britain’s most experienced investigative medium – with hundreds of ghost investigations under his belt! Martin Jeffrey is an experienced investigative medium and paranormal researcher who has investigated hundreds of haunted locations across the world as well as appearing and consulting on over one hundred TV shows and documentaries!

Together Ian and Martin offer a wealth of experience but also a very hands-on approach to teaching mediumship ability, not only will you be in safe and experience hands, but you will have tutors who truly care about your development.

This very special day includes a day workshop and a ghost hunt at our very haunted location!

The day begins with a short meditation before leading into the first workshop that takes the group through various activities and exercises, as well as on an individual basis to help their senses become more honed and heighten to the energies around them. There will also be an introduction to psychometry, which is ideal as ghost investigation is one large psychometry experiment!

Later you will delve into “science and the medium” looking at mediumship from two different viewpoints.

To be a good investigative medium you have to understand the theories and thoughts about the paranormal and also mediumship itself. There will be a discussion on ghosts, the stone tape theory and such – what orbs are, what to look out for when doing an investigation, the fridge effect whereby the body seems to cool to the ambient temperature of the room they are in – heat convection through windows – psychology – standing in the dark how it can make you sway, how your eyes can play tricks in the dark and such.

As well as activities and workshop to allow you to discover how energy can be permeated into the surrounding fabric and can have an impact on the self. How this can be observed and felt in an emotional sense, and by using mediumship this “energy” can be gathered to help by a history of the location. You will learn to glean information from ghosts on psychic point as well as spirits on a mediumistic level – this workshop naturally continues throughout the event.

Throughout the day there will be time for you to ask questions, both privately and as a group – the focus is very much on the attendee and helping them understand their heightened abilities.

After a short Dinner break where you will be able to visit local eateries, you will join Ian and Martin for a ghost hunt of the venue itself! Using the knowledge gained in the day you will take part in a ghost hunt where you will use your abilities to uncover the secrets and history of the venue.

The day finishes with a final summary and to answer any questions about the weekend and the workshops undertaken.

Please note: THE EVENT DOES NOT INCLUDE FOOD OR ACCOMMODATION. HOT DRINKS AND BISCUITS WILL BE PROVIDED. Over 18s only – no pregnant women allowed and attendees must be reasonably fit. For more information please see our Terms and Conditions.



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